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G'day folks, as I type this Episode 1 has been completed! It's being edited at the moment, to be uploaded soon. Stay tuned...

Extra Extra!


Hello everyone,

Firstly, I'd like to apologise to all those who may've been visiting this website in a vain hope that Dave and I would upload our pilot Handbrake episode soon. We didn't. Due to various problems with converters and audio issues, and the sheer fact that it wasn't that great (we had been drinking...) it has never happened.


All this did was instill confidence between the two of us to make a proper show out of this. We have now bought a new camera. We have a tripod, and a good location to record in. I have finished my masters and the two of us can focus on making a great show. We plan to record our first of regular shows in a week from now.

So thank you for being patient with us, friends and family, you'll see something here very soon. That I promise you...!

Hello everyone,

Episode One will be uploaded shortly! We have finished recording the episode, I just need to edit the episode, and it'll be ready for viewing.


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